Collection: Chanteclair Degreasers

Chanteclair’s historic origins were founded on two extremely important pillars which have guided the brand towards its outstanding success to date. On one hand, we have our Marseille Soap, the brand’s flagship product, which is still available today for more nostalgic customers. On the other hand, we have the Universal Degreaser, a cleaner which offers a professional level of efficacy and serves a number of purposes inside and outside the home. As well as these two emblematic products, Chanteclair offers its customers a wide variety of products ranging from laundry detergents to specific products used in treating and cleaning household surfaces.

All products in the Chanteclair range have these values in common:

  • Tradition, because it is a brand with solid roots, strongly linked to the historical memories of consumers
  • Guaranteed efficacy in the form of high-quality products created with high-performance formulas, subjected to a process of continuous optimisation to ensure full customer satisfaction 
  • Safety and Trust, because Chanteclair renews its commitment to offering concrete solutions to the everyday needs of Italian families on a daily basis, demonstrating that it is a valid and sincere brand
  • Simplicity, represented in our formulas and products that are rich in authentic raw ingredients, created by operating with deep respect for the environment throughout the entire production cycle, from production to distribution of the product across the territory

The Chanteclair promise can be summed up in our ongoing commitment to “Offer our customers a complete range of purposely-studied products, which perform excellently, and are so innovative that they represent the perfect solution to satisfy your household cleaning needs.” This promise is continuously repeated in the brand’s jingle which is present in all the company’s advertising campaigns, where the only answer to the ever-present rhetorical question “Who cleans better than Chanteclair?” is “All Chanteclair’s products”.