Collection: Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A good olive oil has its typical bag of perfume and tastes.

Mother Nature stimulates the infinite universe of senses and so, fine olive oil’s productions, research and create always new occasions of taste that can meet the taste of consumers, allowing to know and then appreciate and finally choose.

This task of research and composition of flavors is an handcrafted job named art of the blend or blending, that is to put together olive oils from different olives to find the perfect equilibrium and create unique and wise aromatic bouquets, to the nose and to the palate.

As in perfumery with the professional figure of the "nose", in the olive oil world the blend master puts together all his skills, experiences, fancy (why not!): he tastes, checks, doses and creates the right equilibrium for the oil will born oil and for his customers. It is a continuous, silent and precious work, between nose and palate so that, even year after year, each one can recognize and choose it, again and again.