About us

Welcome to the NONNA FRANCESCA kitchen

The best restaurant in the world is your house!
We are going to take care of you only as an Italian grandma does!

Nonna Francesca is a lifestyle, it is a healthy cooking and eating method built up with organic, fresh and genuine products.


"A recipe extacly like a proverb, it is a prose, it is a music, it is the song of the tradition who get transmitted overcoming  time and space limits."


With this attitude, Francesca - born in 1943, Sicilian DOC, after spending her life as entrepreneur of family business, between her land and uncountable trips around the world - took the decision to bring on the other side of the Atlantic a luggage stuffed with ladle, pans, firstlings, and the historical family recipes book, a manuscript where the secrets of the traditional cuisine are collected. A huge diary that, first her grandmother , then her mother , and now her ,have upgraded with care. Three generation of homemade preparations, consequence of a tradition who scent like ocean, citrus fruit and the fresh Sicilian air.


The made in Italy with an extra touch, the excellence of the raw, organic and seasonal ingredients. We ban GMO products and junk food.
Our basket is full of delicacies and excellent products made in a  sustainable way, that's why we choose local productors. Cooking is passion, art and ethics, research, freshness and seasonality are the base of our work.

"Every Italian Grandma wants to offer only healthy food to her family".

Nonna Francesca Family doesn't offer only an alimentation model, offers a system of rules, an healthy and balanced lifestyle with the goal to guarantee and excellent healthy status.

The Mediterranean Diet - rich of Extra virgin

 Olive oil, cereals, vegetables, legumes, fish - was acknowledged by UNESCO in 2010, included in the Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The meals suggested by the mediterranean diet are rich of vitamins and they have an antioxidant effect to prevent illnesses and its benefits are connected with longevity.


"Each plates tells a family history, it brings an evidence, recalls ancient flavors, memories that we must transmit. The american's family need a grandma in the kitchen", so, involving childs and grandchilds, friends and close collaborators, Francesca decided to turn her passion into a new project, NONNA FRANCESCA, Home Italian Cooking, to offer to South of Florida and New York guests ,a tasty proposal, inspired to the ancient valors of the genuine and traditional italian cuisine.



For special occasions, the most exclusive restaurant will be your home.
The Nonna Francesca team will conquered you with Italian typical meals, directly prepared in your kitchen in a real Home Cooking Show!