About us



I have vivid memories from childhood of visiting my Nonna’s home in Sicily and waking up to the smell of Bolognese Ragu’. My Nonna would invite me into the kitchen and teach me how to make homemade Pasta. These moments in the kitchen between grandmother and grandchild nurtured in me a love of cooking that would stay with me for years to come.

As an adult, I moved to the United States bringing with me a precious handwritten recipe book filed with my Nonna mouthwatering recipes. In 2019 I joined forces with my husband, Francesco Donghia, and launched a private chef company in Miami, Florida named Nonna Francesca. With the new venture, me and my husband strove to make our clients feel the warmth of eating at the home of an Italian grandma while offering a sophisticated and high-level service. The popularity of our Private Chef business skyrocketed in Miami and in the summer 2021, we expanded to the Hamptons and the New York City area. In 2022, we expanded to New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Roberta De Vincenzo


We believe that delicious meal starts with great products. We like to tell the story behind the ingredients, where they came from, the hard work that went into producing them, and why each product is so good. We only use fresh and organic vegetables, grass-fed meat, fresh fish and local Burrata Cheese, which is produced from an Italian family based in Brooklyn that has been making it for 40 years. Our imported products come 100% from Italy and are marked I.G.P (Indicazione geografica protetta) and D.O.P. (Denominazione di origine Protetta). We use I.G.P. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and D.O.P. Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Prosciutto di Parma and many other cold cuts and cheeses. We make our fresh pasta with Semola di grano duro (Semolina flour) and when we have Spaghetti, we only use Gragnano Bronze cut quality. This is the top one used in all the greatest Italians restaurant in the world. We only use extra virgin olive oil from Puglia, my home region in the southeast of Italy. We also love to use Coratina olives that leave a fresh and intense fruity taste in your mouth.

Francesco Donghia