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Riso Toro

2,2 LB (1Kg) Riso Toro - Carnaroli

2,2 LB (1Kg) Riso Toro - Carnaroli

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Carnaroli rice is one of the most refined rice on the market. Its grains are big, rounded and transparent. It is ideal for preparing delicious dishes and regional specialities. Its capacity to blend and enhance the most diverse tastes and foods ensure making perfect risottos, timbales and salads. Moreover its notorious capacity to hold up to cooking makes this rice very versatile and excellent for special occasions.


Our recipes: Rice with salmon

Ingredients: 350g Carnaroli rice, 200g salmon, 80g butter, 1 small white onion, ¼ liquid cream, low-fat stock, 1 glass of dry white wine, salt and pepper

Preparation method

Brown in little butter the onion, cut into thick slices, for 2/3 minutes. 
Remove the onion, add the rice and toast it. Pour in the white wine, mix and let it evaporate. Keep cooking by adding the stock little by little. Add salt. Halfway through the cooking time, add the chopped salmon. Five minutes before rice is completely cooked, add the cream and mix gently. Turn off the burner, add butter and a sprinkle of freshly-ground pepper. Let it stand for a couple of minutes: the risotto shall remain creamy. Serve hot.

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