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Latteria Soresina

Latteria Soresina Caciotello - 350g (12 Oz)

Latteria Soresina Caciotello - 350g (12 Oz)

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They are called “piccoli” because of their small dimensions but they are “big” in taste, flavour and culinary versatility.They are produced with the fresh milk that is coming from the members’ cattle sheds and they permit a wide choice of cuts and tastes. The manufacturing of the “Piccoli” is the same of the traditional provolone and, as a consequence, assures the same quality and taste. Topolino Soresina is a cylindrical provola, perfect for different use occasions: cold or plated, in tasty salads or hot dishes. The Provoletta Soresina is characterized by the shape that makes it look like a small bell and by a savoury taste. But the more “extreme” of the “Piccoli” family is the Caciocavallo Soresina, with its distinctive flask shape: it completes every dish with a firm mark and a strong personality.

Latteria Soresina was founded in 1900 as a cooperative for processing the milk produced by its members and in response to the pressing need to forge a solid union between farmers and milk producers. This inseparable bond has led to the company becoming one of the main players in the processing and sale of this product.

Currently, there are around 200 members represented by the farms producing the milk processed by Latteria Soresina. The cooperative model represented and still represents the most suitable form for transforming this intent into practice. Indeed, mutuality between the members is strong—the cooperative takes care of any issues that could affect the individual farm.

All members have a say in the company’s future through the election of representative bodies, in a mechanism ensuring everyone has equal dignity regardless of the quantity of milk issued.

Such a close bond between the company and its components translates into a great anchoring to the territory (within its plants, Latteria Soresina only processes milk produced by the 48,000 cows located in stables around the dairies), which contributes to ensuring a high quality of the milk issued and a precise and constant monitoring of the entire supply chain, from terrain to table, also thanks to significant innovationprojects.

The company boasts a wide range of dairy products of high sensory quality, including a service component able to meet the needs of all its customers all around the world.

Today, Latteria Soresina is the world’s first producer of the famous Grana Padano and holds pole positions for other Italian excellences, such as butter and Provolone cheese, having long been established as a prestigious brand within its sector. This is a guarantee for all those who choose us.

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