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Tre Marie

Tre Marie Pandoro il Magnifico - 2,2 Lb (1 kg)

Tre Marie Pandoro il Magnifico - 2,2 Lb (1 kg)

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A simple traditional confectionery recipe from Verona. A drop of pure orange blossom honey in the mixture of fresh eggs, butter and flour, to enhance the softness and scent. Covered in a sprinkling of icing sugar for a final touch The packaging brings back the authentic style of the late nineteenth century, the period in which the Tre Marie (Three Marys) bakery was founded.

Pandoro is a traditional yeast-leavened cake with butter. 



Born in 1896, the Italian brand of Tre Marie can be traced back to 1150, a charity bakery founded by Italian knights. Steeped in history and unmatched quality, Tre Marie is a leading Milanese pastry producer, supplying its loyal customers with traditional Italian pastries, such as panettone and croissant.






Farina di frumento, burro “Beurre Charentes-Poitou” 20%, uovafresche da galline allevate a terra, zucchero, lievito naturale [lievito madre (farina di frumento, acqua), lievito], tuorlo d’uovo fresco da galline allevate a terra, fruttosio, latte fresco intero pastorizzato, emulsionante: mono- e digliceridi degli acidi grassi; burro di cacao, sale, aromi naturali.

Può contenere frutta a guscio, soia e senape.

Zucchero a velo in bustina (6% sul prodotto finito). Ingredienti: zucchero, amido di frumento, aromi naturali.

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